Minimal Google+ App


A minimal interface for a small-window Google+ app.

Minimal Twitter App


A minimal interface for a small-window twitter app.

Minimal Social Login

Minimal Social Login

A minimal social login interface to allow users to login without having to remember a new password for the new account.

NeuroSoar Logo


Logo for the neuroscientific research initiative, NeuroSoar.

Chai Illustration


An illustration of a salty, pink Kashmiri tea ( noon chai ).

MSU Spartan Shield

Spartan Shield

An illustration promoting Michigan State Univeristy Football

Minimal Browser UI


Minimal UI showing what is absolutely necessary in a browser's interface.

EMR login UI

EMR Login

Electronic Medical Records login that supports account or finger-print scan login ( when hardware exists ).

Minimal Calculator UI


Minimal interface for a calculator app.

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