Irfan Mir's Portfolio


Hello—I'm Irfan!

A compassionate, creative, and collaborative experience designer rooted in empathy, gratitude, and intrinsic motivation

I am known for Human-Centered Design, insightfulness, and bridging the gap between disciplines for high-creativity in innovation


As an independent consultant

In March 2018, I began working in a consulting role for clients in brand and visual design, UX, Front-End Development, and a blend of creativity & Artificial Intelligence

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Addis Enterprises

Experience Designer & Accessibility Expert

I led a cultural shift in People-First and Universal Design and Development—writing a custom report format for diagnosing and solving UX and A11y barriers, developing accessibile high-traffic websites and courses, and presenting on these methods at conferences

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Usability/Accessibility Research & Consulting

Accessibility Specialist

In this internship, while working for MSU, I helped conduct, and led some, thorough accessibility and usability evaluations of websites and apps for Fortune 500 clients

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Michigan State University

Accessibility Specialist

In this internship, I took a leadership role in contributing to a cultural shift at MSU towards Human-Centered-ness and universal and inclusive technology in their products and purchases—contributing to high-stakes sites such as Admissions and Title IX

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Wolfram Research

User Experience Intern

During two internships at Wolfram Research, I was recognized for my ability for flow optimization, usability, rapid prototyping, fast learning, and communicating between departments and leadership levels to bridge the gap and achieve stakeholder vision

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