How might we craft great experiences, conscious of the people that engage with them, fluid & intuitive: assisting and augmentingas a solution, leveraging & inspiring empathy, access, and intelligencefor all?


Willomy, Milkywae & Fenchurch

Kuttle, Inc is a business I started to promote people with technology through creating Human-Centered experiences as solutions with empathetic AI and Hx (Human Experience Design & Development). We do this through the creation of our own products and the development of techniques, which we also offer, with our expertise, as a service towards making other's products empathetic and Human-Centered. Kuttle does business as Willomy.

Milkywae is a collaboration to research philosophy, science, and technology. It is an offer to pursue understandings and research, together, for the gain of industry and humanity alike and as one.

Fenchurch is Willomy's dedicated effort to making Human-Centered & empathetic AI directed towards intelligent technologies for everybody.

The Willomy logo is a spiral meant to represent the convergence of technology and humanity.
In designing Fenchurch's brand, I, at first, wanted to represent comfort and ease. Although Fenchurch's goals will not be easy to achieve, we hope their accomplishment will make life easier for all. From this, I drew an italicized wordmark with a hat with a flower in it to convey a journey to the beach/vacationing. Find this on Dribbble. However, I wasn't sold on the kerning, which is tricky with italics, and moved on to a simple cafe brandmark. Ultimately, after much more consideration, we wanted to go with travel and flight and this line-drawing of a bird in-flight originating at finches to represent evolution.

UI elements

A statement on detail engineering

As mentioned in the card "Detail engineering", I am a proponent of precision as it can truly make or break an experience. The aesthetic-usability effect demonstrates that eloquently designed experiences are easier to use; perhaps, often because when visual concerns and investments are made, there are often resources and the ability to make similar considerations in accessibility & usability. However, my experience in the latter two do show that while there is potential, that unfortunately doesn't always happen. In designing brands for Willomy, Milkywae, and Fenchurch, I aimed to take visual and accessible considerations balancing aesthetics, contrast, and message-delivery. In my accessibility evaluation reports, in the Hx (Human Experience Design & Development) techniques, and in recent presentations, I emphasize "The 3 P's of Experience Design"—one of which is precision. And while I can be a perfectionist, I know I am not perfect, I know when to "cut my losses", so to speak, and cherish my mistakes, and feedback, as opportunities to grow and improve.

The ship of life twists in the currents of negativity, capsized by the waves of dismay & discouragement, in the sea of failure. But it is the lifeboat of recovery that reaches the greatest shores of success.

Audial elements

In considering the details and as a form of musical expression, I love composing, picking, mixing, and editing sounds to create audial elements for a brand or interface—for the experience—to help be the wax seal on the heartfelt note.

Here are some I designed for Willomy

Fika gökotta (start-up)
The name comes from Swedish meaning to gather to escape everyday routine and waking up early to hear the birds sing. Together, these promote interaction & community and individuality & poise.
Dawn (full version of Fika gökotta)
In-conversation notification

Kuttle/Willomy brands


In approaching how to build on our previous research & design sprints to create a brand for Kuttle & Ellsi, we decided to shift our mindset and adopt an emerging perspective in design. In this human-centered and empathetic approach, we, at Kuttle, began with, as we build our products, a separation from technology. As much as we love technology, we sought to draw inspiration from nature. This includes teaming with creatives and designers, but communicating and collaborating with people above all. We are inspired to solve their problems, to build for people not ourselves—which includes numerous rounds of research, tests, and feedback. As we iterated through about a hundred prototypes of our original interface and experience for Ellsi, two high functioning and hi-fidelity prototypes of the assistant as a whole, we are comfortable refreshing and reimagining as sometimes needs to be done to realign with a human focus. Lastly, we sought to refine and perfect, but not at any burdensome cost—instead as an investment. Our efforts became oriented around the act of solving, directed by details, and prioritized for people.


Fast forward to 2017 and we officially chose the name of the company to be Kuttle, building off of the ocean theme and being inspired by the intelligent invertebrate, and sometimes overlooked, Cuttlefish. In this official establishment, we decided to start fresh as we were building our products and no longer, prototypes. For the longest time, our sole product and our company was Monet, but we have much more to offer than a single application of our research. In this spirit and through reflection and definition, we aim to be more than Ellsi and more than our research, so we chose an operating/assumed name of Willomy to do business as. More on Kuttle/Willomy and our products at Willomy's website and to come.


In designing Kuttle’s brand, below, we grew fond of the idea of "Dive in with Kuttle” and "Onwards" with our products. What better to describe our vision, the future, and "Onwards" than the new frontier. Please find elements of Kuttle and Kuttle/Willomy's products next.


Early designs of the Kuttle logo. Eight rough illustrations of a cuttlefish in a solid indigo color with amber-yellow eyes
Early rough concepts for Kuttle's logo aiming to be memorable and easy to draw, but eventually turning towards a unique illustration rather than an abstract shape in the final design.
Twelve initial illustrations of the Kuttle logo
Some of the initial concepts leading toward the Kuttle logo.
Kuttle's logo. Illustrated face and body of cuttlefish with 3 small tentacles extending from a face. The face is a bright seafoam color (called melon), eyes are indigo and are each shaped like a curved letter M's, and a body with three curved fins like waves of a neon yellow color (called lemonade). The logotype is to the side of the logo. The logotype is the word Kuttle written in a sans-serif typeface called Eight Ink Pro in a reddish-pink color (called raspberry) with two indigo-colored bars underneath. The top bar is broken where the t ends in the word Kuttle, above, and resumes when the l begins. The bottom bar is broken early on at about 20% of the total width as a vertical reflection of the top bar
Kuttle brandmark
Motion Design for Kuttle.
Animated entirely with web technologies (SVG, path manipulation in javascript, and CSS animations), screen recording

Willomy's brands

Please find previews and more details on the brands of Perigee & Woullee (a mascot for Hx) next. Perigee is my research, theories, and understandings in/of emotions, goals (accomplishment & creation), and consciousness—and its applications towards creating Human-Centered, empathetic AI. Woullee, also known as Hx, is a series of techniques refined from our process and lessons learned in prototyping Ellsi and applying Perigee towards building an assistant. Ellsi is that assistant.

Woulee logo and brandmark. An illustrative graphic of a woolly mammoth and the text Woullee with a primative tool resembling an axe underneath acting an an underline.
Woulee logo and wordmark

Feel free to visit MilkywaeKuttle for some more information.

A graphic of the Milkywae logo. The Milkywae logo or 'Jax mark' consists of a visual juxtaposition of what is two 'X' shapes with a circle in the middle, similar to the pieces and ball in game Jax. One arm, of each X, is a green-ish seafoam color, called Melon, and the other arm is a yellow color, called Lemonade. At the same time the two arms colored Melon and the two arms colored Lemonade, both with the circle, colored Indigo, in the middle form an interlocking M and W. The logo also consists of a wordmark, which is the text 'Milkywae' colored indigo in a rounded, sans-serif typeface called Orion Cygnus.
The Milkywae logo & wordmark consisting of an interlocking "M" and "W" that is also a visual juxtaposition where it appears to be two "X"'s—with the circle as a reference to the kids game, Jax. The custom typeface is a rounded sans-serif name Orion-Cygnus after our local arm in the Milky Way.
A secondary illustration for Perigee, the Perigee logo (a space shuttle) launching
A secondary illustration for Perigee
The Perigee icon. An orange icon with a graphic of a space shuttle
Perigee icon
The word Perigee written in a san-serif typeface with rounded 'squircle' corners and an orange elliptical orbit around it
Custom type for Perigee's wordmark


Past renditions of logos and logotypes for what would become Mellenie. They include an outline of a brain with a landscape illustration inside, a humanoid face with long hair, and illustrative logotypes of the names 'Cemille', ''Medly', 'Ada', and 'Ellyme'.
Earlier logos & logotypes for what would become Ellsi.
Mellenie logotype with word 'Mellenie' written in Eight Ink Pro, a sans-serif typeface, with a dark glare over part of the bottom of the 'n', 'i', and 'e'. Slightly above and after the logotype is the spaceman mark, which is an astronaut's helmet. Specifically, a seafoam colored semi-circle ark shape with an indigo to purple gradient outline, with a darker seafoam glare, inside a white circle with an indigo to purple gradient outline.
Mellenie wordmark
Ellsi logo, symbol, and wordmark. The logo is a human face with robotic elements and this characters long hair blowing in the wind. The wordmark is the word Ellsi in cursive script type.
Final logo, symbol, and wordmark for Ellsi
An alernative wordmark for Ellsi written in a sans-serif typeface
An alternative sans-serif wordmark for Ellsi
Motion design for Ellsi of the word Ellsi in script type being drawn or traced.
Animated entirely with web technologies (SVG path manipulation & CSS animations & transitions), screen recording