Achievements at MSU


Contributed to hi-stakes websites

Successfully applied strategy for inclusive design with UX solutions in the development and review of accessible hi-stakes sites including Admissions, Scholarships, and Title IX.

Winter 2016

50 accessibility reviews with UX solutions

Mir, Irfan. 50 accessibility and¬†UX¬†evaluation reports for Michigan State University, supplemented by scales measuring user discomfort, distress, or harm including design and development suggestions and strategies to solve them. Some of¬†the projects include¬†MSU's Title¬†IX¬†website, a¬†new¬†MSU¬†Admissions site, a new scholarships hub for students, and evaluations across industry for software the university was looking to purchase.

Played a key role in the development of a Human-Centered, universal design culture at Michigan State.

Jan 18