Achievements at Addis Enterprises


Presented at 3 industry conferences

Mir, Irfan.¬†Everyday Accessibility:¬†WCAG¬†in the real¬†world. 2017-18. Lansing,¬†MI.
Presented at the Accessible Learning Conference and at two private conferences.

Winter 2017-2018

Bishop International Airport

Leading the accessibility and contributing to the development of the hi-traffic FNT airport site.

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The Excel Network

Contributing to the accessibility and development of MSU's College of Arts and Letters' The Excel Network website.

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Cultural shift leadership

Served as key leadership in motivating management and co-workers to design and develop with empathy towards inclusive, universal, and Human-Centered  design.

Mir, I. and Addis,¬†J.¬†K.,¬†(2017,¬†April 28). Michigan¬†State University: College of Social Science accessibility¬†evaluation.¬†Lansing,¬†MI: Addis Enterprises.

Mir, I. and Addis,¬†J.¬†K.,¬†(2017,¬†March 23).¬†Michigan¬†State University: Board of¬†Trustees accessibility evaluation. Lansing,¬†MI: Addis Enterprises.

Mir, I. and Addis,¬†J.¬†K.,¬†(2017,¬†March 17).¬†Michigan¬†State University: International Studies and Programs accessibility¬†evaluation.¬†Lansing,¬†MI: Addis Enterprises.

Mir, I. and Addis,¬†J.¬†K.,¬†(2017,¬†March 15).¬†Improving¬†MI Practices accessibility¬†evaluation.¬†Lansing, MI: Addis Enterprises.

Summer 2017

Accessible, interactive courses developed

Remediated and newly developed at least 60 courses in a new accessible method resulting in a 40% reduction in time spend in course development turning largest client‚Äôs basic courses into accessible, interactive experiences.

Spring 2017

Accessibility & UX strategy developed

Developed reporting format and method to review, design, and develop People-First experiences. Applied to former projects and new client work to shift the company towards Human-Centered practices.

Mir, I. and Addis,¬†J.¬†K.,¬†(2017,¬†January 5).¬†Detroit¬†Wayne Mental Health Authority accessibility¬†evaluation. Lansing, MI: Addis Enterprises.

Mir, I. and Addis,¬†J.¬†K.,¬†(2017,¬†January 3).¬†Kenowa¬†Hills Public Schools accessibility¬†evaluation. Lansing, MI: Addis Enterprises.

Winter 2017