Irfan Mir's Portfolio

Irfan Mir is a user experience designer working in Okemos, Michigan and is looking to join a forward thinking team

This portfolio is a sample of works aimed at creating intelligent, delightful, diverse, and vibrant experiences

Quick Facts

Academic, client & corporate experience 2015–

Bachelors of Arts in UX, 2016

4 internships since 2013


Voice, Interaction & Visual Design from Contextual Inquiries, Interviews, Surveys, and Classical Research

EmpathyVUI DesignInteraction DesignResearchVisual Design

Vertical Pourville & Poppies

Using AI and hand to edit and repaint Monet pieces as vertical scenes


Evolution Exhibit

MSU Museum

Brand DesignInteraction DesignVisual Design

Papers & Presentations

Essays on Human-Centered AI, 3 conference presentations, 65 accessibility and UX evaluations and reviews

AccessibilityAIInteraction Design

Sound Design

Willomy & Ellsi

Sound design to carry message of dawn and exploration

Brand DesignInteraction Design

Motion Design

Willomy & Ellsi

Various pieces seeking to bring branding and creativity to life

Brand DesignInteraction DesignMotion Design

Bishop International Airport

Addis Enterprises

Development and elements of the accessibility & experiential strategy of Flint's FNT Bishop International Airport

AccessibilityFront-End Development

The Excel Network

Addis Enterprises

Development and accessibility strategy of MSU College of Arts & Letters' The Excel Network

AccessibilityFront-End Development

SAWA branding

South Asian Women Association

Branding design and strategy to carry SAWA's collaborative and communicative message

Brand Design

The Precipice

Returning color to a black & white photo with AI


Calligraphy Preservation

Enhancing and preserving Sini (a blend of Arabic & Chinese) calligraphy with AI


Moral Meats

Brand DesignSystem DesignVisual Design

Redesign, Project Management & Post Mortem

MSU Libraries

Project ManagementVisual Design

Method making

A process, of compassion, I go through to be creative in a particular style

Front-End DevelopmentJavascript