Irfan Mir's Portfolio

Motion Design

Motion design for Ellsi made with SVG path animation with javascript.
Tracing of an illustration of my name in After Effects.
Illustrated astronaut helmet bouncing (CSS and javascript animation).
Motion for ice cream brandmark (CSS and SVG with javascript animation).
Motion for original Kuttle logo of illustrated cuttlefish swimming (SVG with javascript animation)
Motion and sound design (full) for Water Lilies with Cloud Reflections—as featured in the method making page of this portfolio—a scene of rippling waters with countryside-garden sounds in a pond
Motion and sound design for the Japanese Bridge—as featured in the method making page of this portfolio—a scene of a panning landscape of a bridge across a pond with flowering lilies, birds chirping, and water gently moving in the wind
Motion and sound design for "aesthetically pleasing" painting with swirly sky, flowers blowing in the wind with birds, rooster, wind, and ambient sounds in the background as I believe captures the motion conveyed in the painting
Motion and sound design for painting "oh the places you'll van Gogh" documenting the Seine under a full moon and ambient sounds as well as people speaking French