Achievements at Willomy



Over 1000 pieces in (Post-)Impressionist and abstract styles made with Artificial Intelligence and by hand, some in a method process—more here.
~10 sold/donated and hung-up on display.

Nov. 2019 Read more


63rd sonnet written

Sonnet 63

Good deeds fester without sincerity
the intent behind is what is at hand
in ostentation is hilarity
braggadocious goodwill slips like sand
equity is necessary this one
shouldn’t need to say covertly
we all need help let this be known and done
put in the best & of the best you’re worthy
weakly branches have trunks to keep steady
the brightest blossoms burn in sunlight
arid adversity brings true beauty
yes, when the desert cactus blooms so bright
the heart knows well; yet, few know to be true
in the end, those faces anguish with rue
Nov. 2019

Paintings sold

salsabiil (per aspera) sold at exhibition

Oct. 2019


150lbs lost

Oct. 2019

Paintings won competitions

upcountry at night, da kine effect and salsabiil (per aspera) won a local competition and opportunity to be sold

an abstract piece documenting the lights lighting up Mt Haleakala, in Maui, at night a water lily pond reflecting nebulae, stars, and cosmic gases in an Impressionist style with collections of stars reflected through water lilies
Sept. 2019

Consulting/client work

I developed a UX strategy, website, and an in-home workouts web app for BOOTCAMP30.
With a limited budget, I put together a system to unify the working-out, meal-prepping, and accountability efforts of the gym as well as designing and interactive web app with Javascript to serve random workouts on a timer and pace of the user’s choice.

demonstrating the filter feature to sort workouts
BOOTCAMP30 landing page featuring a burred picture of the gym and the navigation and logoBOOTCAMP30 site below the fold featuring two cards introducing two of the services offered including accountability and the the bootcamp
Spring 2019


My care helped my grandmother, thankfully, reach stable health.

Early 2019


Learning French and Dutch and I wrote French and Dutch sonnets (53 and 54).

Sonnet 53

j'suis prête à tout; je suis prêt pour toi
j'en ai marre d'être crevé—sois ma cure
oui qui est branché, jolie, et glamour
au fond avec mon amour tu es moi
si brillante l'étoile scintille comme vos yeux
sa voix est tranquille aime la brise la plus douce
il est vrai que je suis un à pousser
tu entends? mon coeur bat avec toi ma vue
***** *** ** ****-**** * ***** ** ***
Oui c'est enflammé; oui c'est enflammé
Oh mon! j’trébuche sur toi comme une ligne
j'anticipe être régal, délicieux
laisse moi être le poète et toi la poésie
toi mon amour, ma muse sont mes préférée

Sonnet 54

ik ben ziek het doet zeer ik heb maagpijn
ik ben duizelig ik heb pijn op mijn borst
ik die verscheurd was, bleek toen te zijn
als de eerste bloei door een winter slechtst
kleurrijke tulpen kunnen mijn blos niet
zoals ik heb ben ik overweldigd
ooh mooie prinses mag ik alsjeblieft
ja verloren met jou voor altijd
je weet hoe ik me voel over jou
ja mijn liefste ja jij bent mijn ziekte
continu werken de hele nacht voor jou
jij mijn zonneschijn, oh mijn vakantie
we zijn misschien niet een latrelatie
mijn hart is thuis, de wereld spreekt ons twee
Feb. 2019


100lbs lost

Feb. 2019

Consulting/client work

Consulted for instagram strategy by BOOTCAMP30

Winter 2019


50lbs lost

Oct. 2019

Painting won competition

mt. fuji milky way #4 photorealistic drawing won local art competition. Made with Artificial Intelligence and other technologies to create hyper-realistic scenes.

a pink and purple Mt Fuji in fog under a vertically aligned milky way
Oct. 2019

Consulting/client work

Consulted to build leadership courses website for veteran of The Navy, name kept anonymous.

Late summer 2019


I developed a method process to create in Impressionist and Post-Impressionist styles through thoroughly studying Monet and van Gogh and painting with hi-compassion inwards and outwards. As an exercise in compassion it, as intented, has allowed me to be anad become more Human-Centered and a better UX designer.


Artificial Intelligence

Used Artificial Intelligence to preserve calligraphy stored in a Flash website to become high-res digital images.

Late summer 2018 View

Consulting/client work

Consulted to develop a visual brand and strategy for SAWA (South Asian Women Association).

Summer 2018 View & learn more

Artificial Intelligence

I used Artificial Intelligence to bring color to a black and white photo.

Black and white version versus color version of photo of whale and calf about to break the surface of water for air

Black and white version v.s. color version of photo of whale and calf about to break the surface of water for air. Manual, HSL adjustments were made to remove some greens and oranges in the shadows and light. Original photo called "The Moment" taken by Dalida Innes, published by National Geographic.

Summer 2018

Ellsi Research & Design

The research, interaction, visual, and voice interaction design for Ellsi—an empathetic artificially intelligent assistant.

April 2018 Learn more

Motion Design

Motion Design developed for brand identity and to bring some paintings to life.

Various dates Watch

Sound & Brand Design

Sound Design developed for various projects to amplify brand identity.

Various dates Listen


Mir, Irfan. Reviving UX: Insights from technology's leading disciplines, an introduction to Hx: Human Experience Design and Development. Lansing, MI.

Early 2017

Ellsi prototype

Aug. 2016–Jan. 2017

Developed a hi-fidelity prototype of an earlier version of Ellsi with Machine Learning, HTML, CSS, and Javascript with a focus on immersive and inclusive design and empathy.
Available for demo on request.



Applying the nature of consciousness not necessarily to re-create human consciousness but to learn from it to build more viable and empathetic technology and design and development processes.

Mir, Irfan. On the nature of consciousness and the re-creation thereof. 26 Feb 2016. East Lansing, MI.

Understanding and explaining consciousness from a variety of perpectives across species.

Feb. 2016


Mir, Irfan. On emotions, their purpose, and their influence on behavior. 22 Feb 2016. East Lansing, MI.

Explaining the origin & purpose of emotions as part of and in reactive and responsive organisms and how it contributes to behavior, goal creation, and striving towards goal achievement.

Feb. 2016