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Irfan Mir:
Inclusivity. Interactions. Experiences.

I'm looking to join a forward-thinking team to lead in creating an impact

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My work

A sample of the projects I have worked on

Bishop International Airport

Accessibility, Front-End, UX—(leading role)

MSU Libraries

Project Management, Visual, and UX Design


Artificial Intelligence, Interaction, Visual, and UX Design

MSU Museum

Visual and UX Design

South Asian Women Association

Brand and Visual Design

About Me

I'm a UX Designer with creativity across the board and experience in a variety of environments: Irfan Mir's Resume

Three words to describe me are compassion, drive, and creativity:

  • I'm inwardly and outwardly compassionate—growing and becoming better while contributing to the shared vision of my team through deep empathy.
  • I'm known for vast achievements and I have to attribute them to gratitude, sincerity, and ambition. I pour my heart and soul into everything I can and strive to do the best.
  • Vivid creativity and insight are core to my character and talent. I'm able to creatively solve problems by employing my expertise and connecting with others' to solve problems and communicate the process and solutions effectively.

In this portfolio, I express the impact each work had on me and on the organization contributing to my constant and consistent learning and affording me to make more of an impact forwards

Let's Make An Impact

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Years Professional UX experience

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Years leading Human-Centered Change

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B.A. in UX. Michigan State University, 2016

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Internships since 2013

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Clients consulted

Additional work

Completed projects with details available on request

Moral Meats

Brand, System, and Visual Design

Bootcamp 30

Corporate Strategy, Front-End Design, and Rapid Prototyping

IMP video player

Accessibility, Front-End Development, and Course and UX Design—leading role

Papers & Publications

Artifical Intelligence, Accessibility, and UX Design

Survey System launch

UX Design—leading role

Wolfram Solutions

Usability and Responsive Design

Stephen Wolfram's Blog

Rapid Prototyping, Visual, and UX Design

Premier Service+

Flow Design

Motion Design

After Effects, HTML, CSS, and Javascript—Available upon request

Mathematica Online

Rapid Prototyping and Interaction Design

Wolfram Purchase Pricing Tables

Rapid Prototyping and Interaction Design

CAL The Excel Network

Accessibility and UX Design